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Love Yourself

Start your journey today with 21 Day Doable Plan For Learning “Self-Love” To Cultivate Self-Worth, Self-Belief, Self-Confidence, and Happiness!

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The Background Story:

In my last 10 years of professional experience as a Technology & Management Consultant, I have been always a keen observer of successful leaders and have been looking out for common grounds, habits, beliefs of each of them. All of them had one thing in common; “ They appreciated and loved themselves, their present situation, surrounding & people”. One of them explained it to me;" You know, its a habit and can be developed. If You feel good about yourself. It pulls you towards success!«. These continued interactions led to below conclusions:

# The entire journey towards any success and fulfillment begins with self— love and appreciation.

# You study or listen to achiever from any walk of life and he/she would always mention the magic of loving yourself.

# All of us are imperfect, but the journey towards being better versions of ourselves begins with learning the art of self-appreciation.

This book is a result of my research and interviews with many successful leaders and it explains a 21 day achievable plan to learn the art of self-love, which would eventually lead to other goals of self-belief, confidence & happiness.

Inside the Book you will discover:

# Understanding Self Love

# How You Benefit From Loving Yourself Unconditionally

# Learning self-love to cultivate self-worth, self-belief & self –confidence

# A 21-day action plan: It covers day 1 to day 21 activities and practice to be developed into daily habits
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    Missy Esparza - Zionhas quoted2 years ago
    I am a friendly and sociable person.

    *I am a good time manager

    *I can think on my feet

    *I am innovative

    *I have a big heart that seeks to help those in difficulties

    *I am bright and smart
    b5765019495has quotedlast year
    For example, if you forget to buy something you needed, accept that you forgot to buy sugar, but understand you are a human being prone to mistakes. This will tune your mind into having a positive approach on each matter, which will help get rid of general negativity in your life
    b5765019495has quotedlast year
    Rewrite your internal script. When you notice you have negative thoughts about yourself, accept these thoughts first, and then try to determine their source, before moving on to rewriting each negative thought with a positive one

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