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Sterile Fields

Declan and Rhaelynn (Rhae) dated seriously for three years in high school. When Declan cheats on Rhae the night before graduation, they swear to never see each other again. Two years later, they find themselves in the same hospital for their internships (Declan as a surgical tech and Rhae as a nursing student).
They try to avoid each other as they begin their medical careers, but are constantly being thrown together in unimaginable situations. These awkward run-ins begin to fuel feelings between both Declan and Rhae, but an unexpected appearance from the girl who tore them apart in high school begins to cause tension and Rhae realizes that forgiveness is much easier said than done.
WARNING: This story is filled with highly explicit sexual content, therefore please read at your own discretion. However, if that is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Click buy now to begin your sexual journey!
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