Nevill Forbes

The Balkans / A History of Bulgaria—Serbia—Greece—Rumania—Turkey



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    Maria Lyukinahas quoted6 days ago
    These dreams took shape in the foundation of a secret society—the 'Philikì Hetairía' or 'League of Friends'—which established itself at Odessa in 1814 with the connivence of the Russian police, and opened a campaign of propaganda in anticipation of an opportunity to strike.
    Maria Lyukinahas quoted6 days ago
    The survival of the Greek nationality did not depend on any efforts of the Greeks themselves. They were indeed no longer capable of effort, but lay passive under the hand of the Turk, like the paralysed quarry of some beast of prey. Their fate was conditional upon the development of the Ottoman state, and, as the two centuries drew to a close, that state entered upon a phase of transformation and of consequent weakness
    Maria Lyukinahas quoted6 days ago
    The marvellous system of Roman Law had proved too subtle and complex for a world in the throes of dissolution. Within a century of its final codification by Justinian's commissioners) it had begun to fall into disuse, and was now replaced by more summary legislation, which was as deeply imbued with Mosaic principles as the literary language with the Hebraisms of the New Testament, and bristled with barbarous applications of the Lex Talionis

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