An Ideal Husband
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Michelle Xie
Michelle Xieshared an impression4 months ago

Likely an over complication of affairs that is doused with a dose of Wodehouse style humor

Jagoda Adamarczuk
Jagoda Adamarczukshared an impressionlast year

Vkovehas quoted2 years ago
Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.
Michelle Xie
Michelle Xiehas quoted5 months ago
acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship
Margarita Davidova
Margarita Davidovahas quoted6 months ago
modern life nothing produces such an effect as a good platitude. It makes the whole world kin.
Liudmila Filippova
Liudmila Filippovahas quoted11 months ago
don't know that women are always rewarded for being charming. I think they are usually punished for it! Certainly, more women grow old nowadays through the faithfulness of their admirers than through anything else! At least that is the only way I can account for the terribly haggard look of most of your pretty women in London!
dulipammu4210has quoted2 years ago
Men are so painfully unobservant!
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