Woolf Short Stories, Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf

Woolf Short Stories

186 printed pages
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A collection of stories by British writer Virginia Woolf: The Mark on the Wall, Kew Gardens, Solid Objects, An Unwritten Novel, A Haunted House, Monday or Tuesday, The String Quartet, Society, Blue and Green, In the Orchard, Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street, A Woman’s College From Outside, The New Dress, Moments of Being, The Lady in the Looking-Glass, The Shooting Party, The Duchess and The Jeweller, Lappin and Lappinova, The Man Who Loved His Kind, The Searchlight, The Legacy, Together and Apart, A Summing Up.
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brockenbachshared an impression3 years ago

Anna Zaboeva
Anna Zaboevahas quotedlast year
I want to think quietly, calmly, spaciously, never to be interrupted, never to have to rise from my chair, to slip easily from one thing to another, without any sense of hostility, or obstacle. I want to sink deeper and deeper, away from the surface, with its hard separate facts. To steady myself, let me catch hold of the first idea that passes.
Matthew Martinuzzi
Matthew Martinuzzihas quoted2 months ago
Perhaps it was the middle of January in the present that I first looked up and saw the mark on the wall.
Clari Scarione
Clari Scarionehas quoted7 months ago
The military sound of the word is enough. I
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