Robert S.Woodworth

Psychology / A Study Of Mental Life

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    for better life, it's good.


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    Psychology, then, is a science. It is the science of--what shall we say? "The science of the soul"--that is what the name means by derivation and ancient usage. "The science of the mind" has a more modern sound. "The science of consciousness" is more modern still. "The science of behavior" is the most recent attempt at a concise formula.
    Kaira Rebollohas quotedlast month
    psychology has studied the child's process of learning to speak and the relation of speech to thought, and is more apt to be interested in stuttering, slips of the tongue, and other speech disturbances which are said to be "mental rather than physical".
    Kaira Rebollohas quotedlast month
    Physiology has studied the action of the vocal organs and the location of the brain centers concerned in speech, while

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