Kaliym A. Islam

Agile Methodology for Developing and Measuring Learning

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Technologies of the last five years have drastically changed and reshaped how we live and learn. The net of these changes, according to the Boston Consulting Group, is that consumers are reacting faster and demanding more. They now expect instant access to information, frequent updates, and flawless performance—and not just inside the space of technology itself—but also the products they interact with. To keep up with consumer expectations, the most successful companies have learned to change the way they do business. They’ve adopted product development approaches that shorten the lifecycle, thereby allowing these businesses to supplement their major product launches with frequent, iterative updates.
This abbreviated, incremental approach to product development is forcing training organizations to rethink how they develop future learning solutions that support said business systems. Traditional training development methodologies such as Instructional System Design (ISD) typically result in increased administrative overhead, long development lifecycles, and large learning solutions that are rarely updated. Agile, however, provides training developers with the opportunity to minimize paperwork, shorten development timelines, and provide frequent, timely updates to learning solutions.
Businesses that employ the Agile approach to product development are experiencing increased customer satisfaction, highly engaged employees, greater visibility into the process of product releases, improved ability to address changes, and even higher quality products. And now, training organizations that employ Agile can realize these same benefits.
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    b7269870870has quoted10 months ago
    “Agile is a development approach that supports flexibility and rapid response to change.”

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