Emily Carr

Practical Change Management for IT Projects

Transform your IT project and make change stick with this step-by-step guide. In today's fast-paced world of change, companies expect you to do more, with less. Drawing on over a decade of Change Management experience as a consultant with Fortune 500 companies including IBM and NCR, Emily Carr shares the secrets to making change happen smoothly. If your company is like most, the number one reason that projects have failed over the years don't have to do with technology. They have to do with people. People didn't like the new technology. People weren't trained properly on the change. People hadn't received adequate communications and didn't understand the change. Sound familiar? Project teams rarely forget to work on the technology, but they often forget to work with the people, and no matter how amazing your new technology is, it's useless unless people use it efficiently.
This book will help you focus on the people.

Packed with templates, checklists, and real-life examples, this user-friendly guide will provide you with the insights and guidance of an expert consultant, for a fraction of the price. You'll follow a clearly laid out path from Change Management novice to confident and prepared change manager. You'll be introduced to the Five Pillars of Change: Sponsorship, Stakeholder Management, Communication, Training, and Organization Design. You will work step-by-step through templates in each pillar to build and run a comprehensive Change Management plan tailor-made to your project and organization.
231 printed pages



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    Мария Вишневецкаяhas quoted2 years ago
    He recommends a See – Feel – Change approach
    b1784340806has quoted4 years ago
    The application of a structured process and tools to enable individuals or groups to transition from a current state to a future state, such that a desired outcome is achieved

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