Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: a Strategic Design Vocabulary, Dan Hill
Dan Hill

Dark Matter and Trojan Horses: a Strategic Design Vocabulary

155 printed pages
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Dan Hill is a designer and urbanist. He works for Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, in their Strategic Design Unit in Helsinki, exploring how design might enable positive systemic change throughout society. Prior to Sitra, Dan was an Associate at Arup, Web & Broadcast Director for Monocle, and Head of Interactive Technology & Design for the BBC. He writes the blog cityofsound.com, as well as being Interaction Design Editor for Domus magazine. His essays feature in Sentient City: Ubiquitous Computing, Architecture, and the Future of Urban Space, Mark Shepard (ed.) (Architectural League & MIT Press, 2011), Best of Technology Writing 2009, Steven Berlin Johnson (ed.) (Yale University Press, 2010), and Actions: playing, gardening, recycling and walking, Mirko Zardini (ed.) (Canadian Centre for Architecture, 2008).
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Jenya Jacques
Jenya Jacqueshas quoted5 years ago
Thus, design must make clear that its remit is expanded from simply problem-solving to context-setting.
misstoryjoneshas quoted2 years ago
In 1964, the Swiss designer Karl Gerstner wrote “To describe the problem is part of the solution.” A few years later, Norman Potter reinforced why this is necessary simply from the point of view of efficacy.
Ida Hee Søemod
Ida Hee Søemodhas quoted2 months ago
Actually, design is usually deployed as problem-solving within a defined space, as process-improvement within a bounded system, or new product development within a market.
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