The Design of Scarcity, Rumpfhuber, Till, KLEIN Goodbun
Rumpfhuber,Till,KLEIN Goodbun

The Design of Scarcity

63 printed pages
As growth was the defining condition of the 20th century, so scarcity is set to define the 21st. Already it pervades political discourse and shapes our reading of the economy and the environment.But scarcity is not just the inevitable result of growth and resource exploitation. Scarcity is constructed daily through the creation of desire, it is designed. The authors of this timely essay set out to establish a more sophisticated understanding of scarcity. The message for architects and designers – experts in working with constraints – is that scarcity is a process, and one that can be productive. This essay asks us to throw out our simplistic Malthusian graphs and escape the stranglehold that scarcity has on our imaginations.
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mrn ptrv
mrn ptrvhas quoted2 years ago
The problems that design frequently solves are primarily those set for the benefit of corporations and investors, rather than the user. The fresh surfaces and endless creation of newness presented by design obscure the social relations that constitute thing
azzharifhas quoted4 years ago
buildings became desire-creating commodities at an extreme scale.
zerojuanavilahas quoted4 years ago
o shows how complicated design’s engagement with scarcity could become in a capitalist society.

you have to take both pint of view one when the scarcity is wrong. and one when in which this is use to play whit the buyer and make them feel like they are lacking.

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