What Katy Did, Susan Coolidge
Susan Coolidge

What Katy Did

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What Katy Did is an 1872 children's book written by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey under her pen name Susan Coolidge. It follows the adventures of a twelve-year-old American girl, Katy Carr, and her family who live in the fictional lakeside Ohio town of Burnet in the 1860s. Katy is a tall untidy tomboy, forever getting into scrapes but wishing to be beautiful and beloved. When a terrible accident makes her an invalid, her illness and four-year recovery gradually teach her to be as good and kind as she has always wanted.
Two sequels follow Katy as she grows up—What Katy Did at School and What Katy Did Next. Two further sequels relating the adventures of Katy's younger siblings were also published—Clover and In the High Valley. Although these were long out of print, they have now been reprinted and are available online.
Coolidge modeled Katy on her own childhood self, and the other 'Little Carrs' on her brothers and sisters
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What Katy Did, Susan Coolidge
What Katy Did, Susan Coolidge

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Alina Susana Elek
Alina Susana Elekshared an impressionlast year
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Good book to read for kids

Aisling Cleary
Aisling Clearyshared an impression4 years ago
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I've always loved this book to hell and back, but I hadn't read it in years, it was a lovely throw back

orpianoangelicahas quoted3 years ago
There is a saving grace in truth which helps truth-tellers through the worst of their troubles
Gulina Abdullazyanova
Gulina Abdullazyanovahas quoted4 years ago
a clump of green rushes,

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Rachel Brown
Rachel Brownhas quoted5 years ago
And she marched into school in a very cross mood.
A day begun in this manner is pretty sure to end badly, as most of us know.
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