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Richard Harding Davis

Cinderella / And Other Stories

The stories in this volume have appeared in Scribner's Magazine, Harper's Magazine, Weekly, and Young People; and “The Reporter who Made Himself King” also in a volume, the rest of which, however, addressed itself to younger readers.
153 printed pages
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  • Rajnikant Jainhas quoted7 years ago
    sing a little song for us at the night of our ball?"
    The head-waiter drew a long breath and straightened himself with a sense of relief at having done his part, whether the Grahame Wests did theirs or not.
  • fall pageshas quoted4 years ago
    "'Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise,'"
  • b4874561989has quoted2 years ago
    his is the story of a young man who was in love with a beautiful woman,

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