Exultations, Ezra Pound
Ezra Pound


The best of Ezra Pound's early work. Includes Night Litany, Fair Helena, Francesca, Aux Belles de Londres, Greek Epigram, Plotinus, A Song of the Virgin Mother, Histrion, The Eyes, Songs, Defiance, Laudantes Decem, On His Own Face in a Glass, Sestina For Ysolt, Ballad of the Goodly Fere, Portrait, Sandalpphion, Guido Invites You Thus, Pierre Vidal Old and others.
34 printed pages

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Exultations, Ezra Pound
Exultations, Ezra Pound


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Toko Teknologi Sehat
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asanisimasalaithas quoted5 years ago
I have seen thee bound about with dreams,
Lo, I have known thy heart and its desire;
Life, all of it, my sea, and all men's streams
Are fused in it as flames of an altar fire!
Gaby TeDe
Gaby TeDehas quoted5 months ago
I am an eternal spirit and the things I
make are but ephemera, yet I endure:
Yea, and the little earth crumbles beneath
our feet and we endure.
Анастасія Осипенко
Анастасія Осипенкоhas quotedlast year
God of silence,
Purifiez nos cœurs,
Purifiez nos cœurs,
For we have seen
The glory of the shadow of the
likeness of thine handmaid,
Yea, the glory of the shadow
of thy Beauty hath walked

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