Mary Shelley

The Last Man

«The Last Man» is Mary Shelley’s apocalyptic fantasy of the end of human civilisation. Set in the late twenty-first century, the novel unfolds a sombre and pessimistic vision of mankind confronting inevitable destruction. Interwoven with her futuristic theme, Mary Shelley incorporates idealised portraits of Shelley and Byron, yet rejects Romanticism and its faith in art and nature. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797–1851) was the only daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, author of «Vindication of the Rights of Woman», and the radical philosopher William Godwin. Her mother died ten days after her birth and the young child was educated through contact with her father’s intellectual circle and her own reading. She met Percy Bysshe Shelley in 1812; they eloped in July 1814.In the summer of 1816 she began her first and most famous novel, «Frankenstein». Three of her children died in early infancy and in 1822 her husband was drowned. Mary returned to England with her surviving son and wrote novels, short stories and accounts of her travels; she was the first editor of P.B.Shelley’s poetry and verse.
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    Fifa Bouhas quoted2 months ago
    Oh! grief is fantastic; it weaves a web on which to trace the history of its woe from every form and change around; it incorporates itself with all living nature; it finds sustenance in every object; as light, it fills all things, and, like light, it gives its own colours to all.
    Fifa Bouhas quoted2 months ago
    We have a power given us in any worst extremity, which props the else feeble mind of man, and enables us to endure the most savage tortures with a stillness of soul which in hours of happiness we could not have imagined.
    Fifa Bouhas quoted3 months ago
    If my human mind cannot acknowledge that all that is, is right; yet since what is, must be, I will sit amidst the ruins and smile.

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