My favorite poetry of all

Nastya Burygina
Nastya Burygina

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Since I'm a huge fan of English poetry and read tons of it almost every day, I feel bound to share some my favorite pieces
Man meets raven in Poe's hauntingly brilliant verse. So good they made a Simpsons episode out of it.
Whitman's classic of American verse reads alternatively as a journey of self-exploration or an ego-trip, depending on your point of view - dip into it and decide for yourself.
Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman
A collection of Ezra Pound's early poetry. A controversial figure who flirted with fascism and expressed anti-Semitic views, his body of work nonetheless influenced writers from Bukowski to Eliot
Exultations, Ezra Pound
Enter The Wasteland with trepidation, dear reader - or at least, armed with a dictionary and an encyclopedia. But you will be rewarded
The Waste Land, T.S.Eliot
The mysticism and religious fervour of Blake's works make for a heady mixture. The Tyger regularly figures among some of the most cherished works of English poetry
Poems of William Blake, William Blake
Milton's 17th-century epic on The Fall of Man (featuring a perversely appealing Satan) made him one of the greatest English poets
Paradise Lost, John Milton
This collection, led by Yeats' Irish slant on the Arthurian legend of Gawain and the Green Knight, also contains what many see as Yeats' finest love poem, The Drinking Song
The foremost Romantic poet in the English language, Wordsworth's depictions of the landscape of his native Cumbria have spawned generations of imitators
Nine circles of human suffering, depicted in exquisite verse
The Divine Comedy: Hell,
A fine collection of The Bard's sonnets
The Sonnets, William Shakespeare
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