Lidiya K

How to Kill Procrastination

A short, powerful, and most importantly, ACTIONABLE read to help you stop procrastinating once and for all. It's goal is to give you an in-depth look at the real reason why you procrastinate, followed by simple action steps on what to do about it, and to ultimately make you more productive and successful in life.
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Lidiya K
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  • Beverlyn Tweneboahhas quoted10 months ago
    The Problem
    The problem in this case is that you’re looking at the big picture. It’s overwhelming, scary and may even seem impossible. When, in fact, it’s just a combination of many small steps, each of which will get you closer to getting this thing done.
    But don’t worry. All this doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s just your approach and attitude that need to be changed.
    If we let our mind try to grasp the big picture, we often lose half the battle before we’ve even started working on the current project or task or life goal.
    That kills our motivation (assuming we’ve found a way to get motivated and start taking action) and our confidence (the bigger and scarier the whole thing looks, the more we lose any belief that we can get it done).

    I think this is one of my fears

  • lyolya lihas quoted5 years ago
    we can get it done).

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