Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies for the 21st Century, J.Anthony Malone
J.Anthony Malone

Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies for the 21st Century

The book begins with an analysis of “What is Money”.

The concept of “money” is complex. History teaches us that “money” is not always issued as “currency” by a government. Instead, it derives from social customs and needs.

Next, the book addresses the concept of Bitcoin, the blockchain, laws and regulations, litigation and the future of the technology. It concludes with a glossary of terms and a comprehensive appendix of relevant legal documents.
281 printed pages
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kadirozpinarhas quoted3 years ago
famously analyzed money in terms of four functions:
A medium of exchange;
A common measure of value (or unit of account);
A standard of value (or standard of deferred payment);
A store of value.

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