The Future Of Ideas
The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World (2001) is a book by Lawrence Lessig, at the time of writing a professor of law at Stanford Law School, who is well known as a critic of the extension of the copyright term in US. It is a continuation of his previous book Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, which is about how computer programs can restrict freedom of ideas in cyberspace.
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This confusion is leading us to change the environment in ways that will change the prosperity.
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Shapiro saw good and bad in both futures. Too much dis-intermediation, he warned, would interfere with collective governance; some balance was needed. But likewise, efforts to rearchitect the Net to reenable control
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Electronic Frontier Foundation, including John Gilmore and John Perry Barlow
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It makes no sense to say that that world was “more creative” than ours. My point is not about quantity, or even quality, and my argument does not imagine a “golden age.” The point instead is about the nature of the constraints on this practice of creativity
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The freedom that is my focus here is the creativity and innovation that marked the early Internet. This is the freedom that fueled the greatest technological revolution that our culture has seen since the Industrial Revolution. This is the freedom that promised a world of creativity different from the past.
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