Lessons from working at Facebook

Ekaterina Skorobogatova
Ekaterina Skorobogatova
I'm a growth manager at Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram and these are some of the books that have inspired me.
How are social networks like Facebook changing the social lives of teenagers, and what impact will this have on the future of human relationships?
Lawrence Lessig is a Harvard Professor who is concerned about freedom of ideas on the internet, arguing that copyright should be for shorter periods so that innovation and creativity can flourish.
The Future Of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig
Neal Stephenson is a wildy talented author and thinker. Here is a collection of his most impressive essays in one ebook.
There is a question mark over the definition of innovation. Is it little changes to preexisting things, or entirely new things? Thiel and Blake provide you with a thorough answer, arguing that innovation is really getting from zero to one.
Over the next few decades the middle class in Asia is going to grow out of all recognition and change the energy consumption landscape for ever. The way we exploit energy resources is going to have to have a revolution.
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