The Origin of Brands, Al Ries, Laura Ries
Al Ries,Laura Ries

The Origin of Brands

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What Charles Darwin did for biology, Al and Laura Ries do for branding.
In their exciting new book, The Origin of Brands, the Rieses take Darwin's revolutionary idea of evolution and apply it to the branding process. What results is a new and strikingly effective strategy for creating innovative products, building a successful brand, and, in turn, achieving business success.Here, the Rieses explain how changing conditions in the marketplace create endless opportunities to build new brands and accumulate riches. But these opportunities cannot be found where most people and most companies look. That is, in the convergence of existing categories like television and the computer, the cellphone and the Internet.
Instead, opportunity lies in the opposite direction—in divergence. By following Darwin's brilliant deduction that new species arise from divergence of an existing species, the Rieses outline an effective strategy for creating and taking to market an effective brand. In The Origin of Brands, you will learn how to:
Divide and conquerExploit divergenceUse the theories of survival of the firstest and survival of the secondestHarness the power of pruning Using insightful studies of failed convergence products and engaging success stories of products that have achieved worldwide success through divergence, the Rieses have written the definitive book on branding. The Origin of Brands will show you in depth how to build a great brand and will lead you to success in the high-stakes world of branding.
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Victor Oh
Victor Oh has quotedlast year
nature, changes in the environment create the conditions that cause species to diverge. In business, changes in technology and in the cultural environment create the conditions that cause categories to diverge.
mail22801has quoted2 years ago
In all of these eight cases, the size of the market, for all practical purposes, was zero. Eight of the world’s ten most valuable brands were created by divergence from an existing category
Anton Trishin
Anton Trishinhas quoted3 years ago
you want to build a successful brand, you have to understand divergence. You have to look for opportunities to create new categories by divergence of existing categories.

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