Tella Olayeri

230 Powerful Decrees to Command the Morning for Breakthrough, Bright Day, Success, Victory, Deliverance and Fruitfulness

This is a spiritual morning food prayer.

It is always great to pray in the morning and give thanks to the Lord for what he has done in our life, what he is doing at hand and what he shall do in future. The first thought of the day define our mood for the following hours.

This is a wonderful prayer book that will make you wake into the hands of the Lord and converse with Him as child talks to Father. It is wise to talk first with someone who will inspire a good feeling within you and empower you to maintain a good morning spirit. The book is loaded with 30 powerful morning devotional Tablets, with over 200 Prayer Points of declarations, command and decrees. What a wonderful book. The Lord is ready to open the gates of heaven unto you wherever the sun rises again in your part of the world.

This book will make a good start of your day. It is a book that erases every day bad horrible state. The book is loaded with Bible morning quotes of fire and deliverance. The verses are good guide to use as prayer points in the morning. This is a wonderful book that spice up the day. No better start for the day than a portion of God’s Word. It is a wonderful morning tonic prayer book that shakes heaven for instant result. It is a thought-provoking book that will energize and arouse mind to the goodness of the Lord.

Morning prayer is a serious thing. It is acid test of morning devotion. This book will enable you shake the wicked out of the morning and out of the day to have a peaceful calm day. The morning is the womb of the day. Your day is pregnant in the morning with expectation to hatch in the day and evening. After you pour out your heart to God in morning devotion, you stand to harvest good things of life.

1. Morning devotion makes you turn a tough situation around for good.

2. Morning Prayer chips away stress level and let you feel inner happiness.

3. Morning Prayer is the finest way to seek God’s attention and blessings.

4. Morning Prayer let you get God’s blessings and awakes you in spirit.

5. Morning Prayer helps you deal with all day long frustrations.

6. Morning Prayer builds your faith in God.

7. Morning Prayer reminds God of His favour and kindness to you.

8. Morning Prayer can bring you closer to God and His charm.

9. Morning Prayer refreshes your body, soul and ignites your spirit.

10. Morning Prayer makes you start the day well and end it well.

Brethren, be addicted to Morning Prayer, you will be blessed by it every day. Hurrah! You strike GOLD!
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Tella Olayeri
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