Alan Weber

How To Deal With Depression

Depression can be a killer.
Anybody can get depressed from time to time. For many of us, the phrase, “I’m depressed,” means we are at a low point in our mood. Unfortunately for some people, being depressed can be a severe disorder, one that can be extremely debilitating for them. It can also be extremely painful for family members close to someone suffering from severe depression, and who don’t know what to do to help.
There are two primary types of depression from which people suffer, clinical and non-clinical. And often, those who experience severe depression are embarrassed, because it comes attached to a stigma. This reaction is why a book such as this can be helpful.
Alan D. Weber’s book, How to Deal with Depression: A Practical Step by Step Non-clinical Approach to Managing and Overcoming Depression provides information essential for understanding depression, as well as practical, nonclinical methods for coping with depression. In this terrific book, the readers will find a real resource covering the following topics:
A Brief Definition of Depression and its Types
Depression Due to Chronic Stress
Depression Due to Negative Thinking Patterns and Emotional Attitude
Depression Due to Hormonal Fluctuations
Depression Due to Grief and Other Difficult Life Events
General Tips for Coping with Depression
The reader, armed with the information contained in this book, will have a greater understanding of this debilitating disease, and become much better prepared to deal effectively with their depression, or the depression of someone they love. Get your copy now!
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