Aisha Chaudhary

Aisha Chaudhary was an Indian author and motivational speaker. She is the author of the book My Little Epiphanies, published one day before her death.
years of life: 27 March 1996 24 January 2015


Ratna Ghoshhas quotedlast year
Why do so many emotions
Ratna Ghoshhas quotedlast year
hy do so many emotions exist?
Ratna Ghoshhas quotedlast year
Are we living to die? Or are we dying to live? I want to do the latter


hemedomar22shared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading

Aisha Chaundry has made me realise how much I should thank God for being alive and how much I should be happy no matter how difficult life could be.
Continue resting in peace, Aisha.

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