Jason B. Tiller

The Path to Mindful Eating

Have you ever tried just taking a bite of a delicious sandwich but after the first bite you couldn't tell how the whole sandwich disappeared?

Do you find it almost impossible to eat one wholesome meal, in silence with all your attention focused on the dish but you always lose track?

“THE PATH TO MINDFUL EATING” will teach you on how to relate mindfully with your food, tame your cravings and impulses.  This book is all about details on how you can control and improve your mindful eating patterns.  It describes ways in which you can focus on the type of foods you eat and how it affects your digestive system.

This book will not just enlighten you about how to eat mindfully to nourish your spirit man and body; it will also give you great insight on how to put together great dishes that can be eaten at any time of the day. Outlined in the pages are easy to follow ways on how to cook and eat holistically without being a chef.

This book has been put together to facilitate the dissemination of life-saving information about your health and excellent yoga diets to tease your taste buds. The recipes are a mixture of wholesome food materials which encourages compassionate nutritional practices. The methods are not set in stone, and you can add your healthy twist to the mix.

What you will learn from this book includes;

Holistic weight management techniques

Buddhist mindful lifestyle

Mindful eating methods

The diet of Buddha

How to meditate to achieve a healthy eating habit

Putting together delicious, healthy and wholesome meals

And much more

Have you decided to take the first step towards a mindful and gastronomically fulfilling life? Your answer should be a resounding YES!

57 printed pages
Original publication



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