Jason B. Tiller

The Buddha Diet

Tried taking the first sips from a cup of coffee with all your attention focused on savoring the sweet aroma but you failed?

Tried eating one meal a week mindfully, alone and in silence and still fell off the wagon?

Learn mindful eating by dealing with the food instead of your impulse or craving for food!

You've been working tirelessly, and all you have in your mind is the treat waiting for you on the kitchen counter. Nevertheless, you've been trying to put it off, trying to replace that unhealthy snack with something healthier and filling. As soon you get to the main house you have the first bite, and it is very yummy. Suddenly, you look down on the counter, and there is not a crumb left? There is nothing left, and you couldn't recollect eating anything.

Relax, the problem was in the food, not your self-control or the extent of your mindfulness. The book “THE BUDDHA DIET” focuses on the not-so-common tricks for mindful eating. It touches the unique practices of paying close attention to the things you get into your system, so that your digestive system will get used to healthy foods, therefore bringing about healthy desires for food daily.

Things you will also learn

Weight management system that works

The Buddhist mindfulness actualized

Mindful eating revamped

The Buddhist diet program

The meditation techniques for achieving strong willpower

How to accept and be compassionate about healthy foods

Bodily sensations recognition techniques

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