Jason B. Tiller

The Eating Disorder Handbook

Eating disorders are linked with a warped sense of self and how an individual relates to close ones and the community as a whole. Most situations and factors that are taken as normal play a crucial role in the life of one suffering from an eating disorder. This disorder is often cloaked in secrecy by the sufferers and the family due to the stigma the society has tagged it with. The information contained within the pages of this book will efficiently guide you on surmounting the obstacle you have tried time and time again to overcome.

Are you a parent or a loved one with a family member struggling with an eating disorder?

Do you struggle with your meals due to the expectations you have to meet up to in your sports career?

Does a massive sense of guilt come over you every time you have a binge which you have no control over?

Are you one of a few million people who dread the holidays and major gatherings due to your running battle with food?

Are you ready to get out of this vicious cycle?

The news of joy is that you don't have to have a running battle every time you want to eat a piece of truly healthy and delicious meal. This book is filled with all the tips and advice on how to successfully overcome eating disorders.

Some and not limited to some great things you will learn are;

Ways to detect the eating disorder in yourself and those around you.

The dangerous and life-threatening effects of the various types of eating disorders.

How to take a wide berth around an eating disorder.

Treatment methods for eating disorders.

And so much more.

This compilation is your first stop in learning about what an eating disorder is and how you can effectively manage it and live a healthy life.

To begin your journey towards a healthy eating life, GET THIS BOOK NOW!
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