Tella Olayeri

Double Fire Double Thunder Prayer Book

Problems may look kernel or stony to crack, this book will make it easy for you to pray and get result. What you need is to be violent in spirit, pursue, overtake, conquer and recover all you lost in the past to spiritual robbers and attackers of destiny.

You are born to rise and shine and occupy seat of glory, but, enemy build insurmountable barricades to stop you from rising. It is time you turn obstacles on your way to ladder of breakthrough. Add fire to your prayer; turn it to double fire, let thunder strike from heaven and scatter works of darkness against your life.

This book will address your situation better. It is not an ordinary book but one loaded with thick and solid fire prayer. It is titled double fire, double thunder, as fearful situations are addressed prayerfully with ease.

This book makes you realize that wasters of destiny are cruel and wicked. They fire arrows at will, with the sole aim to kill destiny. They are so violent and faceless, raising killing storms. They don’t think twice before they attack and destroy shining stars.

Pressures and afflictions must give way. You must be violent in spirit. Soldiers don’t fold arms in the battle field. They fight with every weapon in their possession. Be trigger happy in this battle. With prayers in this book, let your vow be, “Never shall I return for a re-play match”.

Let your prayer, be a knockout match with the enemy. Arise in spirit with this book; stop them before they stop you. You are fearfully and wonderfully created, therefore, you must be blessed with fearful and wonderful results.

The time is now. Buy this book.
39 printed pages
Original publication
Tella Olayeri



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