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Jason B. Tiller

Yoga Cookbook

This cookbook is a collection of great Yoga culinary delights. The recipes contained in this book are a mixture of vegetarian and healthy meats, gluten-free, sugar-free and filled with healthy fats. It is time you take charge of your well-being the natural route by eating holistically. Your meals do not have to be torturous to your taste buds and eyes; it should be an encounter with food you look forward to every day! Foods that are wholesome and organic devoid of artificial preservatives and chemicals.

The directions for getting your meals ready are quick and easy as you give your body and mind a wholesome turnaround. The recipes are not cast in stone; you can always modify each dish to your taste.

You don't have to treat symptoms of ailments, taking expensive medications and getting sicker day by day. All you need to do is change your eating habits as 99% of what we eat invariably results in whatever state of health we are currently experiencing. This cookbook outlines very simple diets with healthy nutrition that will make you whole in all ramifications.

The powers of healthy eating cannot be underestimated. A start with the most basic of natural organic grown food will bring about exponential changes to your body.

Do you want to

Restore and revitalize your body?

Get rid of degenerative diseases plaguing your you?

Get rid of excess body weight?

Have a bright and radiant skin?

Have boundless energy all through the day?

Have a mindful disposition to everything around you?

It is a no-brainer then. Just get this book today for you and your loved ones as you begin a loving and delicious relationship with your meals.
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