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Burden of Proof

Jackson has been one of the most promising lawyers at his father's law firm in Detroit, Michigan for 3 years now. His father has just hired a new paralegal, Hazel, who seems to be a thorn in Jackson's side. Hazel is a perfectionist and is dead set on proving herself as one of the best paralegals in the state.

Jackson does not have time to deal with Hazel and is very annoyed by her, though he can't help but feel a sort of dizzy sensation whenever she is around. When he goes into his office early Saturday morning to catch up on some paperwork for an upcoming trial, he is shocked to see Hazel waiting for him in his office. Neither Jackson nor Hazel are prepared to fall in love, and Hazel doubts that Jackson's feelings are genuine; which leaves him to prove his love for her in unexpected ways.
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