Tella Olayeri

Command the Night with 90 Decrees and Prophecies

This is a violent prayer book to address stony issues.

Witchcraft activities and stony issues we face on a daily basis. We are surrounded by enemies vow to undress and naked us. Such enemies are faceless and wicked. They boast at the wicked they perpetrate.

Night is jolly time they perpetrate evil activities. When men sleep they strike. It is time we wake up at night to command, decree and declare war against them; recover what we lost to them, engage with warfare to silence them and be warrior they move far away from.

To be gallant soldier in the soldier in the spirit, you need this book. The battle line is drawn, the battle cry is now.

I say. Congrats for picking this book.
42 printed pages
Original publication
Tella Olayeri



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