The Action is the Form: Victor Hugo’s TED Talk

Keller Easterling is an architect, writer and professor at Yale University. Her book, Enduring Innocence: Global Architecture and its Political Masquerades (MIT, 2005) researches familiar spatial products that have landed in difficult or hyperbolic political situations around the world. A previous book, Organization Space: Landscapes, Highways and Houses in America, applies network theory to a discussion of American infrastructure and development formats. A forthcoming book, Extrastatecraft: Global Infrastructure and Political Arts, examines global infrastructure networks as a medium of polity.
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were designed to avoid local bureaucracy
the collapse between object and background.
An actor adheres to an explicit script, but the scripted words are considered only to be traces or artefacts that provide hints of an underlying action. While performing, actors rarely deal with states of being that can be named. Actions are the currency or the carrier of information. An actor would not play “being a mother” but rather “smothering a child”.

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