How to Fall in Love With Life, Cecelia Ahern, The General Public
Cecelia Ahern,The General Public

How to Fall in Love With Life

57 printed pages
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Containing an exclusive extract from Cecelia’s next book, HOW TO FALL IN LOVE, comes a free ebook collection of inspiring stories from Cecelia’s biggest fans
Cecelia Ahern's new must-read, HOW TO FALL IN LOVE, is a lesson in just that – but rather than falling for the archetypal romantic hero, this tale centres around loving life itself.
This special ebook shares the inspiring stories of the defining moments when you, the readers, have fallen in love with life.
HOW TO FALL IN LOVE:When a chance-encounter leads to a surprising and courageous journey, strangers Christine and Adam learn whether two weeks are enough to rediscover the joys of living – but is that all that’s happening…?
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Not actually the book

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‘Fine,’ I said confidently, ‘If your life doesn’t change, it’s your decision what you do. But I’m telling you that it can. I’ll show you. You and me, we’ll do it together, we’ll see how wonderful life can be. I promise you
Lucy Feyzi
Lucy Feyzihas quoted3 months ago
know that feeling when you take a look around and think I can’t believe this is real – it’s just so perfect. I had that feeling on a very average day back in 2000. I’d been to Pizza Hut with my boyfriend of 4 mo
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