Drew Kasch

Beat Binary Options

Learn to become a winning trader using fixed-odds binary options, including five specific (and timeless) strategies. The popularity of this unique derivative has recently exploded, with dozens of online brokers now competing for your trading dollar. This creates an attractive environment for small-stakes financial market players.

Drew Kasch is an expert in probability games that are played for money, including trading stocks and options. His books will arm you with knowledge and tactics that will give you the best chance for success at your chosen area of risk taking. Fixed-odds binary options are one of his favorite tools, and they’ll very likely soon be one of yours as well.

The first thing Kasch does is show you what you’re up against. He’ll actually try to talk you out of this hobby by showing you why 90% of traders in this market fail, and, in particular, how the binary options brokers make so much money from them. If you’re stubborn enough not be dissuaded, you will then be taught how to beat this particular probability game by adopting the proper mindset and developing indispensable risk/reward analysis skills.

So armed, the five core strategies will then be rolled out, which span all different time frames including an intraday system. Finally, the author will show you how to run your binary options trading as a business and use it to springboard yourself into wealth and trading success in all different markets. The reader will come away from this work with a clear roadmap for becoming a successful trader for life, starting with a tiny amount of capital today.
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