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Summary: Be Your Own Brand David McNally and Karl Speak

This work offers a summary of “Be Your Own Brand” by David McNally and Karl Speak. In this brilliantly articulate summary, David McNally and Karl Speak argue for the importance of developing one's own personal brand. Companies know and understand the importance of building their brands, and people should do precisely the same thing. Strong brands are fuelled by loyal, lasting relationships, consistent service and added value. Your personal brand involves some of these elements but also the following key components which are outlined by the authors:

1) A list of your personal competencies

2) Your personal standards – how you like to get things done

3) Specific style elements – your personality and how you relate to people

4) Your brand promise – what you propose to deliver

5) Your brand platform – your personal signature character trait

The summary goes into detail on each of the above points giving a very lucid concept of what a personal brand could and should be. Using real life examples and a series of probing questions, this summary will give you the tools to define your personal brand, as well as the confidence to use it at work and at home. It also encourages you to keep refining and developing your brand manifesto to ensure that it is always authentic and aligned with your goals.
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karasev83236has quoted4 months ago
Brands are relationships of trust fueled by a strong underlying belief system and closely linked to the concept of giving exceptional value.
Maxim Diachuk
Maxim Diachukhas quoted3 years ago
personal brand will have five key components:
A list of your personal competencies – expressed as the personal roles you fill with other people.
Your personal standards – how you like to get things done.
Sprecific style elements – how you relate to other people and various projections of your personality.
Your brand promise – what you propose to deliver and where your efforts will be focused.
Your brand platform – the one key characteristic which will become your personal signature character trait.

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