Paul Williams

The General

The extraordinary life and crimes of Martin Cahill, gangster, criminal mastermind, MOST WANTED MAN In a twenty-year career marked by obsessive secrecy, brutality and meticulous planning, Cahill netted over £40 million. He was untouchable — until a bullet from an IRA hitman ended it all.

The General tells the inside story of The Beit robbery — one of the world's biggest art heists

The attempted assassination of a top forensic scientist

The O'Connor Jewellers robbery, netting £3m

The tyre-slashing and intimidation

The crucifixion of a suspected 'grass'

The millions still missing

The book reveals Cahill's bizarre personality and the activities of the Tango Squad, the special police unit which targetted him with tactics used on the infamous Kray Gang.

Now a major film from John Boorman starring Brendan Gleeson and John Voight.
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