Tracey Jackson

The first review of the paperback edition of Between a Rock and a Hot Place is in! Read it here: Jackson is a screenwriter and author who has written over fifteen feature films and fourteen television pilots--including The Other End of the Line, The Guru and Confessions of a Shopaholic--and her first book, Between a Rock and a Hot Place.Her recent documentary, Lucky Ducks, nominated for Best Documentary at the MIAAC Film Festival in 2009, explores issues of parenting and adolescence, following Tracey and her teenage daughter from Park Avenue to Mumbai as they attempt to unravel the complex relationship boomer parents have with their over-indulged teens. Since the film's release, Jackson has been a featured guest on many parenting shows and websites, including, Mary Talks Money with Mary Caraccioli, and ABC News with Annie Pleshette Murphy.With the same candidness used to attack parenting in Lucky Ducks, Jackson now took on aging with her first book, Between a Rock and a Hot Place. By telling themselves fifty is the new thirty, boomers have convinced each other they are getting younger--a myth which Jackson's new book seeks to debunk: "the truth is fifty ain't thirty no matter how you cook the books. It's fifty and it arrives with more baggage than Paris Hilton on a press tour."While investigating her own life, Jackson, in Between a Rock and a Hot Place, takes us through the many twists and turns on the roller coaster of aging. She is not afraid to tackle the topics of sex, ageism in the workplace, death, health, empty nest, and everything else the years may bring. She makes us laugh hard and think hard as well, and offers ways to lighten the speed bumps along the way. "No one gives women a game plan for a hearty last thirty years," but with Between a Rock and a Hot Place, someone finally does.With her new book Gratitude and Trust - Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life, Jackson and co-author Oscar, Grammy winning songwriter Paul Williams use the principles of the recovery movement to help those with what they like to refer to as life limiting problem,s as opposed to life threatening ones.Tracey is an avid blogger, whose blog Tracey Talks can be read on her website, TraceyJacksonOnline. She also contributes as a guest blogger to The Huffington Post, The Partnership for a Drug Free America's Decoder blog, and and Williams also now blog daily on their site www.
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