Before They Were 'Famous'

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have a lot to answer for. Mostly for popularising a lot of great books by transforming them into bingeworthy series! But now you’ve watched them for 10 hours straight, why not see how the original books compare?
The books that inspired Kubrick to kickstart the movie that eventually became Spielberg’s story of a robot child’s quest for love -- ‘AI’.
Ok, ok -- so this book had a big following before the TV show. Guess what? It just got bigger. Just keep Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday in mind while you read it.
A truly dark, meandering tale of a seemingly normal woman who commits a heinous crime with seemingly no motivation. Less a 'whodunnit', more a 'whydunnit'.
A classic work of Canadian literature. Known on Netflix as 'Anne With An 'E''
Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery
The first (literary) instalment of the awesomely-named Lemony Snicket's 'Unfortunate Events' series. A hit on and off screen.
The original book of the popular Netflix series charts political intrigue, backhanders, and savagery in London's Westminster. Why not see how it compares?
"Like Game of Thrones, but real" is how one critic described Bernard Cornwell's tale of how England came to be. But why watch episodes back-to-back when the book's ready and waiting?
Trouble just can't seem to stay away from this seemingly picture perfect Pennsylvania town.
Like vampires? You'll love this refreshing alterative to the Twilight saga -- in print and on-screen.
It's not always easy being an affluent teenager in on New York's Upper Eastside. Apparently...
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