What goes boo in the night?

A bit of a mystery...a bit of a fright. Let these whodunits give you nightmares.
When the vampire doesn't have teeth, is he still a vampire?
A madcap mystery that is absolutely delightful in every way!
Madhattan Mystery, John J.Bonk
If you liked his first novel, you may hate this one, but you may also just want to see what happens.
This YA novel was turned into a very popular TV series. Worth the read for sure.
A tale of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. Oliver has a strategy to win the White House; Leslie has a scheme to make him wish he’d never been born.
Spooky tales and they're real? Keep your blanket tight around you...
Your twin dies and you need to solve her murder. Creepy, scary and a bit of whodunit in this third book in the series.
Pure unadulterated escapism...with a touch of tretchary.
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