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If a picture says a thousand words, then maybe it's time to pick up a book with a great cover.
A fragile butterfly - the shortness of life. This is one book that possibly reveals it all already.
Illustrative covers are all the rage. And this colorful design with its symmetrical beauty completely stands out. Central figure sprouts various florals and ornamentation -- might this novel be a coming of age one, and about the blossoming of youth?
The way the marks play around the text is subtle, balanced perfection, giving it a busy yet calm vibe.
A cat on a human body. Absurdist at its finest. You'll definitely be in for a ride.
Nursing one's own wound? Loving themselves? Love happens in strange ways for sure.
Truth and beauty. An egg. Might it be the subtle understanding that both of them are fragile things that need to be protected?
An incomplete burnt up frame, an incomplete family? This book is no joy in the park for sure.
Just look at the serenity, the loneliness, and the solidarity of the camper in this cover.
Oof - looking at the intensity, perhaps a young adult novel about love and the heartbreak that ensues? Or one about female friendships that ultimately always ends up in tears?
The busy comic book-like illustration perhaps gives us an indication of how busy and bizarre (?) this novel might possibly be.
The legs, the lines. We're intrigued. You know what you'll be in for.
The amazing sketch coupled with the chaos that comes from deep within the protagonist on the cover makes this one super striking and relevant.
The beautiful usage of negative space really draws you into this cover.
A boyish girl on the cover? Or just a boy? Either way, it seems to be about the tiny life of a child, which may be larger than life - who knows?
The large title font juxtaposed with one's back. You have our attention.
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