Related reading for Entrepreneurship Specialisation at Coursera
This book is written after a course C183:Startup Thiel held in Stanford. That means it's not only a collection of bright ideas, advices and anecdotes - it's structured like a course, and it's a very good course. Thiel has his own angle on the Blue Ocean Strategy and it's pretty convincing. A must read.
Technically, it's a management book. It's book about management without recipes and finding hidden dimensions to move along when it's seemingly a deadend.
Not quite a business book, but it unveils a lot of detail about the great SpaceX/Tesla story, which is unfolding before our eyes. Unlike some other stories, here the man behind it is one of the main factors of success, which makes it a prime role book for entrepreneurship.
Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance
Ashlee Vance
Elon Musk
Reading for the Capstone Project
Further reading for the first part of the specialization.
Further reading for the first part of the specialization.
Getting to Yes, ROGER FISHER
Getting to Yes
A course book for "New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs"
Reading for week 1
Materials for the first part of the course. The style could be better, a bit of bulk wording.
James Vaughn Green
The Op­por­tu­nity Analy­sis Can­vas
James Vaughn Green
The Opportunity Analysis Canvas
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