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Can't stand long stories? Don't understand big words? Don't worry - we'll get you slowly started on short stories and riveting reads.
Teffi's short stories are almost like a snapshot into society. Her quick, wry observations of life make for a splendid read.
100 short stories packed in this book - you'll definitely find something you'll like.
Great place to start because the short stories range from a whole bunch of genres including fantasy, light-hearted comedy and historical fiction. Case in point: in the titular short story, there is man whose facial expressions are controlled by ropes. Intriguing!
Contrary to popular belief of non-readers, reading is definitely not a waste of time - not when you can also experience and read for yourself the misadventures of other people. Rodney Ee chronicles his mishaps and funny tales of travelling with sharp wit and humorous observations. If this doesn't spur you on to take on bumbling trip yourself, we don't know what will.
Don't write off a book simply because you think you don't have the attention span for it. Leow Yangfa's collection of personal stories are not overly sappy, yet are full of emotion that overflows into your heart.
This fascinating fictional portrait of Shanghai makes this book hard to put down. The struggles of five different people trying to make it in this cold city is thought provoking and possibly visceral, for some. Their hopes and dreams and tragedies are laid bare for us to read and it's like a train wreck that we can't look away from.
Often those who dislike reading find that the subject matter doesn't concern them, or that the material doesn't relate. Paul Coelho's The Alchemist is a must-read for any 20-something who's on their own journey finding and pursuing a purpose in life. It's not a short story - but there are illuminating lessons in there that even a non-reader would be glad to sift through a wall of text.
Sci-fi nerds if you prefer watching Star Trek than reading, then this one is for you. If there is one sci-fi/fantasy author you must know, it's Asimov. This short story featuring aliens and another world is captivating and out of this world (couldn't help the pun!)
Youth, Isaac Asimov
George Orwell is a must-read for any one, and this short novel is the book to start. Non-readers will be glad to know that the language is simple yet rich, the plot riveting and the prose short.
Ok this is for the ones who picked up Gone Girl and DIDN'T like it or finish it. If you want something more riveting, more suspenseful and with a twist you didn't see coming, then this is the one. In fact, we'll say this is a crime novel for those who don't even /like/ the genre.
Dubliners, James Joyce
If you hate reading because some authors get WAY too indulgent with their words (and work), then you need one that is straight to the point and terse, maybe. David Leavitt's short stories is no-nonsense and there's a lack of sentimentality to it, despite tackling hard topics like cancer, divorce, loveless marriages, family feuds and near-murder.
Crazy. Rich. Asians. The title of the book tells it all. This great read moves by really quickly with all the crazy travel escapades, the ludicrous, snarky comments and the drama that can't possibly be true. Except that it all is. The short novel reads like a crazy film and I found it hard to put down!
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