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Christabelle Adeline
Christabelle Adeline

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An ambitious list of stories that take you around cities of the world; some brimming with excitement, others a little more curious.
A book about friendship as much as it is about a love of art and the struggle to keep that alive in 60s-70s New York .
A taste of Tokyo after dark, best enjoyed in 24-hour coffee shops or in bed with the lights dimmed.
After dark, Haruki Murakami
From the dingy kitchens of Parisian restaurants to London's back alleys, the struggle in Orwell's story is reminiscent of Just Kids, sans the warmth of Smith and Mapplethorpe's friendship and the excitement of art. (In that sense, darker, much more grim).
A revelation of the side of Jakarta many may have ventured into but very few dare discuss.
Jakarta Undercover, Moammar Emka
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