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Fans of the dark and moody will love Andrew Marshall's book of collected poems. He dissects the lives of the oft forgotten and marginalised. And through universal themes of love, longing, hope, anger and vengeance, gives us a glimpse into their trapped lives. Which at the end of the day, might not be very different from our own.
Okay - so social media is the way to go when it comes to marketing these days. But does it mean you just blindly follow social media trends and hop on the bandwagon? Social Payoff is an insight into the fast-changing nature of social media, and at the same time will give you clear-cut strategies into harnessing its powers.
If you're not in total control of your life yet, then let this book be your guide. Are You in the Driver's Seat is the roadmap to a better future. By changing your perspectives on your past, present and future, you'll be able to discover a better, more joyous self.
Understand the supernatural beliefs from all over the world with this insightful and beautifully written haikus by first-time poet Elancharan Gunasekaran. Get transported into the darkest parts of the underworld, and believe that you're definitely not alone when you travel into the good night.
Zed Yeo writes these great horror, insane tales that really spook. It's not your typical Singapore Ghost Stories that we grew up with. These are odd tales for odd people, one that involves murky memories, strange diseases and creepy, creepy settings.
It's all about life, romance, marriage and parenting in Singapore in this deeply personal and intimate book. Tan Chor Hoong tracks her life from her youth to her motherhood, exploring the moments that make her life meaningful. It's definitely one that will inspire and fascinate - especially if you're looking for something magical in your life in Singapore.
We were all once teenagers before, all at some point were unpolished diamonds in the rough. And Maggie Lai understands that even though some diamonds don't shine as brightly as others, there's still potential lurking beneath. Maggie Lai has been an educator in ITE - vocational schools that haven't been as widely acclaimed in Singapore. But she's seen how some of the students emerge as scholars, and specialists in their own industries.

Written in candid honesty, Raw Diamonds digs deep into the heart of the matter of not just the vocational teens’ life but that of caregivers’ too. It is a sweet reminder that we are all connected in some ways and we can all make an impact on a teen’s life – for good, and for the better.
Do you drag yourself out of bed to get to class every morning? Or do you do it with gusto? Daniel Wong tells us the secrets to finding fulfilment in studies. And it's not about getting the As or scholarships - Daniel himself was a straight A student for many years, but wasn't happy about his life as a student till he found out about these five secrets.
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