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James Witt Sewell

An English Grammar

This book contains grammar points with examples and exercises for learners. With many chapters on various grammatical theories, An English Grammar is the complete guide to the correct usage of English. With its numerous concepts and terms, it serves as a handy reference book for personal or academic usage.English grammar and writing play an important role in almost every educational pursuit. Even if your planned career won't require any writing, you'll still have to write emails and have a basic understanding of English grammar. An English Grammar: For the Use of High School, Academy, and College Classes can help you get the basic skills you need for a career and for further educational pursuits.
311 printed pages
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    "Water seeks its level."
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    Some words are usually singular, though they are plural in form. Examples of these are, optics, economics, physics, mathematics, politics, and many branches of learning; also news, pains (care), molasses, summons, means: as,—
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