Alex Harris

The Money May Be In The List. But Only A Good Email Copy Can Find It — If They Teach Email Writing 101, This Is What You’d Need To Know For The Midterm

Email marketing is not dead.

In fact, email marketing was never dead.

Do you know there's one thing that a majority of top businesses do to make the kind of profit you'd want for your business? (and it's not price increase).

They simply send out emails.

But not just any emails —they send out emails that get read.

How many times have you read an email, clicked on the button and purchased whatever it is the email is selling?

1… 2… 50 times?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is, those are the kind of email copies you should be sending out to your list.

You need to start writing email copies that work overtime. You need to start sending out email copies that work double shifts.

Most times, we know what we are selling is top notch, we know that the price is very competitive, we know that people are going to love it.

But what we don't know is how to get people to know the value of our product. Writing an email is one of the hardest things anyone can do —that's why kickass copywriters charge high for it.

But the good news is, you can write an email copy that can do as much as any good email copy ever written —you only need to learn how…

… And if you read this book to the end, nothing is stopping you from making the kind of profit you'd want for your business through Email Marketing.

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