His Bloody Project, Graeme Macrae Burnet
Graeme Macrae Burnet

His Bloody Project

339 printed pages
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SHORTLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2016The year is 1869. A brutal triple murder in a remote community in the Scottish Highlands leads to the arrest of a young man by the name of Roderick Macrae. A memoir written by the accused makes it clear that
he is guilty, but it falls to the country’s finest legal and psychiatric minds to uncover what drove him to commit such merciless acts of violence. Was he mad? Only the persuasive powers of his advocate stand between Macrae and the gallows.
Graeme Macrae Burnet tells an irresistible and original story about the provisional nature of truth, even when the facts seem clear. His Bloody Project is a mesmerising literary thriller set in an unforgiving landscape where the exercise of power is arbitrary.
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Marina Zala
Marina Zalashared an impression2 years ago
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I can't feel any connection with the characters feeling. Somehow the slow pace and not too much plot twist is killing me. ????????

Ira Yashina
Ira Yashinahas quoted3 years ago
The reason you may not “see” the regulations is because there are no regulations, at least not in the way you seem to think. You might as well ask to see the air we breathe. Of course, there are regulations, but you cannot see them. The regulations exist because we all accept that they exist and without them there would be anarchy.
Kerrihas quoted7 months ago
gather within the grounds with other womenfolk and indulge in intemperate conversation and laughter.
Elina Van Der Tlen
Elina Van Der Tlenhas quoted8 months ago
The literary ambitions of the average prisoner do not extend beyond scratching some vulgar phrases on the wall of his cell.
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