Graeme Macrae Burnet

His Bloody Project

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    Nurlan Süleymanovhas quoted2 years ago
    ‘I cannot imagine that God has no greater concerns than trying us,’
    Nurlan Süleymanovhas quoted2 years ago
    I do not wish to portray my father as callous or unfeeling, nor do I doubt that his wife’s death grievously affected him. It is rather that he was better adapted to unhappiness, and that to no longer feel obliged to feign pleasure in this world came as a relief to him.
    Ira Yashinahas quoted5 years ago
    The reason you may not “see” the regulations is because there are no regulations, at least not in the way you seem to think. You might as well ask to see the air we breathe. Of course, there are regulations, but you cannot see them. The regulations exist because we all accept that they exist and without them there would be anarchy.
    b7218296924has quoted5 days ago
    Inverness has treated me with a degree of civility I in no way deserve.

    aqui em Inverness tratou-me com um grau de civilidade que não mereço.

    Ferchichi Sirinehas quoted9 months ago
    Title Page
    Statements by Residents of Culduie
    Map of Culduie and the Surrounding Area
    The Account of Roderick Macrae
    Medical Reports
    Extract from Travels in the Border-Lands of Lunacy by J. Bruce Thomson
    The Trial
    Historical Notes and Acknowledgements
    Also by Graeme Macrae Burnet
    Adnan Afaqhas quoted2 years ago
    The first gentleman then expressed the view that it was difficult to assist people who were so incapable of doing anything for themselves.
    Kerrihas quoted3 years ago
    His father is likewise a feeble-minded individual, who conceals his idiocy behind a zealous adherence to scripture and a cringing deference to the minister.
    Kerrihas quoted3 years ago
    In common with all those engaged in the fishing trade, the men are devoted to the unrestrained consumption of whisky, while their womenfolk are notoriously wanton.
    Kerrihas quoted3 years ago
    wanton. Having been schooled with children from this village, I can vouch for the fact that while there is little to distinguish them physically from our own people, they are devious and not to be trusted.
    Kerrihas quoted3 years ago
    He was generally regarded in the parish as an imbecile, but I myself reckoned him an altogether more malicious creature, and his recent exploits have borne out this view.
    Kerrihas quoted3 years ago
    gather within the grounds with other womenfolk and indulge in intemperate conversation and laughter.
    Elinahas quoted3 years ago
    ‘Well,’ I said, in a most affable tone, ‘if you wish to speak of something, it is necessary that you give it a name.’
    ‘But I do not wish to speak of it. It is you who wishes to speak of it,’ he said.
    Elinahas quoted3 years ago
    One man can no more see into the mind of another than he can see inside a stone
    Elinahas quoted3 years ago
    and I can only imagine that the unfortunate natives of this place must daily avert their eyes from the beauty before them, so as not to be reminded of the squalor in which they dwell. The
    Elinahas quoted3 years ago
    The literary ambitions of the average prisoner do not extend beyond scratching some vulgar phrases on the wall of his cell.
    Nizamettin Temelhas quoted4 years ago
    A Complete Report of the Trial of Roderick John Macrae
    Ксения Буковскаяhas quoted6 years ago
    commuting the sentence
    Ксения Буковскаяhas quoted6 years ago
    appeal for clemency
    Ксения Буковскаяhas quoted6 years ago
    in the aftermath of
    Ксения Буковскаяhas quoted6 years ago
    straitened financial situation
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