Victory: An Island Tale, Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad

Victory: An Island Tale

Set in the islands of the Malay Archipelago, Victory tells the story of a disillusioned Swede, Axel Heyst, who rescues Lena, a young English musician, from the clutches of a brutish German hotel owner. Seeking refuge at Heyst’s remote island retreat on Samburan, the couple is soon besieged by three villains dispatched by the enraged hotelier. The arrival on the island paradise of this trio of fiends sets off a terrifying series of events that ultimately ends in catastrophe.

“With Victory, Conrad inaugurated a new style and aesthetic,” writes Peter Lancelot Mallios in his Introduction. “The tremendous literary sophistication to be found in Victory does not result in the exclusion of the popular reader.”
410 printed pages



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Heine Melkevik
Heine Melkevikhas quoted3 years ago
It was a compassionate lie, if there ever was one.
Artem Shevoldaev
Artem Shevoldaevhas quoted4 years ago
hate, which, like love, has an eloquence of its own.

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