Alana Church

Going Down…On the Farm

Devin thought a summer on the farm was the worst sort of exile. But when he discovers that Joy and her sexy farm-hand Marnie are secretly lesbian lovers, life starts to look a lot better! Will Devin be able to prove that he is worthy of joining them in a country-style threesome? To make his case, it looks like he will be doing a lot of “Going Down…On the Farm!”

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Still, it would take a moron to not notice the changes in his body. Despite the fact that he was eating ravenously at every meal (when he could stay awake, that is) his jeans were looser than they had been in months, maybe longer. He took in his belt a notch. Then, a couple of weeks later, another. As fat sloughed away, muscle emerged to take its place. One night after a shower, he passed his reflection in the bathroom mirror, then backed up to take a closer look. His cheekbones were much more prominent in his face, his shoulders somehow broader, and his stomach… “Watch out, ladies,” he said, slapping his belly. “Jesus Tapdancing Christ. When this summer is over I am going to be cut! Who wants to take a ride on the D-Train?”

“No one, unless they have a taste for arrogant, vain frat-boys with more ego than sense,” Marnie said, wandering into the bathroom. She smacked his rear with her palm. “Get out of the way. I have to brush my teeth.”

“Amazing that you don’t have a boyfriend,” he gibed. “I can’t imagine why the guys aren’t breaking down the door to get at you.”

She rolled her eyes in the mirror at him as she brushed her teeth. Under the long, thigh-length t-shirt she typically wore before bed, the motions of her arms made her breasts bounce and jiggle in the most pleasantly distracting way. And when she leaned over the sink to spit, the hem rode up, exposing the bottom of her butt cheeks and her white cotton panties.

He flushed and looked away. He hadn’t been laid since he had come home from college, and here, ten miles away from the closest thing that passed for civilization, he had resorted to reading dirty stories on his kindle for jerk-off material, despite how long they took to download. But he was damned if he was going to stare at Marnie’s body like he was some gross pervert.

But Jesus, those legs. Marnie was tall for a girl, only four or five inches shorter than his own six-one. His eyes fell to Marnie’s long, toned legs, firmly muscled and tanned an even brown all over from the sun.

“What?” He tore his eyes away to find her staring at him in the mirror.

“I asked if you wanted to go into town with me tomorrow,” Marnie repeated.

“Town?” he repeated stupidly. God, Marnie. Either put on a bra or take off the shirt. You’re driving me crazy.

“Yes, Devin. Town. You know, where all the people live?”

“Yeah. Sure. Town. That sounds great.” He swallowed. “Why?”

“I have errands to run and I need you to carry stuff for me.” Her lips quirked in one of the few smiles he’d seen out of her since he’d arrived. As sweet as it was unexpected, it transformed her face.  “That’s why you’re here, right? A strong back and a weak mind?”

“I suppose,” he said sourly. “When do we leave?”

“Right after breakfast. And if you’re nice, I’ll even stop by the bank. Joy tells me she deposited your first check the other day. You might want to buy a couple of things for yourself.” She glanced pointedly at the towel. “Better manners, for instance.”

A flush crawled up his neck. He thought his partial erection had been hidden from view. “Listen, I…”

She cut him off before he could embarrass himself any further. “Forget it. You’re a man. I should know better than to expect any different.” She turned her back on him and stalked out.

“Besides,” her voice floated back to him. “It wasn’t that impressive anyway.”
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