Alana Church

Daddy's Sex Potion

Minerva has always been interested in magic, so finding out she's a witch is the answer to her prayers! The lovely, sexy teen only wants one man, but her father would never think of her THAT way. Would he? With the help of some friends, it's time for horny little Minnie to get to work on “Daddy's Sex Potion!”

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Sunday seemed to last forever for Minerva, eager as she was to meet with Hilda again and talk about her new-found power as a witch. But church came first, unfortunately, so she woke and swore and showered and put on a dark green dress which was just as modest and demure as her father could possibly wish, and rode beside him to Mount Canaan Evangelical Church, trying not to sulk.

The service itself was stultifyingly dull, as usual, and Minerva passed the time by masturbating without touching herself, a little trick she had picked up over many boring sermons through the years. She half-closed her eyes, concentrating on her body, her mind indulging in forbidden fantasy. In it, she unzipped her cotton dress, revealing her nude body for the man who waited for her.

Perhaps sensing her inattention to the sermon, her father glanced at her sharply, frowning, and Minerva stilled, pretending to be terribly interested in yet another ranting diatribe about the wickedness of Eve, who was apparently completely responsible for original sin and the Fall of mankind, and probably global warming and inflation as well.

Just wait, she thought resentfully, filled with a mad urge to climb onto a pew and flash the entire congregation. I’ll show them some real sin, as soon as I learn how to cast some spells!

The service eventually ended, and not a minute too soon. And after an unbearable interlude while her father mingled with the pastor and some other tired, dried-up old farts, forcing Minnie to chat with a clutch of bitter old women she could barely tolerate, her father at last signaled it was time to go home. The car had barely stopped in their driveway before she scampered inside, locked her bedroom door and fingered herself to a frantic climax. Her body shook with release as it gave up its load of lust, and Minnie breathed a sigh of relief that her clandestine perversion hadn’t been discovered.

You can’t go on like this. You need to find a boyfriend…or…or something. Because even as dim as her father sometime was, at least when it came to sex, he was going to suspect something strange was going on if she spent all summer in her bedroom playing with herself.

I don’t want a boyfriend. Even in her head, her voice sounded petulant and whiny. I want him.
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